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M Corp does three things: Legacy, Analytics, and Readiness. We’ve delivered more than 100 successful projects on time, on budget, and as promised. Over the years, we’ve drawn on that experience to develop a set of best practices to make sure our work excels.

Our values are embodied not only in the work we do, but also in the commitment we have to our employees, our clients and our community. It’s important to us that our employees are proud of where they work.

It’s the Method

We have a team of nearly 100 people that practice the M Corp method every day, and we’re looking for more. They succeed because they all follow this repeatable method of delivery on each and every M Corp project.


M Corp has expanded its capabilities and client list, but its philosophies and character are deeply rooted in the core values that launched the business back in 2003: solving problems, integrating systems, and delivering more than our clients ask for. If you’ve got a minute, we’d love to share more of our story.

We are the sum of all that we’ve done

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Your Legacy Is Safe

Legacy systems are like a spider web; you pull on one strand and the whole web shakes. Our Software Development Life Cycle structures the legacy transformation process to reduce and remove risk points in the process. It addresses all types of legacy code and data, including CICS, COBOL, ADABAS, Natural, IDMS, DB2, IMS, VSAM, Assembler, JCL/Procs, PL/1 and ADS/Online.

Relax, We’ve Got This

We have more than 100 successful projects under our belt, so whether it’s a rip-and-replace, integration, or platform shift, you’ll come out safely on the other side.

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Business Smarts

Turn your intelligence into resources. Use analytics to chart variable scenarios, anticipate trends, and spot new opportunities. Leverage the momentum of incoming data to make deliberate, agile decisions.

Make Sense of Your Data

Combining tools from partners like Oracle and SAS with our own clearly defined set of best practices, we make sure your data works for your business in the best way possible. Our methodology is a product of years of experience, working with a diverse array of clients.

Insight from your analytics
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Think You’re Ready?

According to Standish research, $2,025 per second was spent on failed technology projects in the United States during 2009. That’s 2,025 dollars. Per second. Do the math, and it works out to 175 million dollars a day. Ouch.

Knowing is better than guessing

Our readiness scoring helps our clients learn where improvements can be realized to reduce risk in their projects, before they even begin.

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Alex Castro Castro encourages California to embrace metrics

M Corp CEO Alex Castro (far right) testified today during the State Sen. Subcommittee on California’s Innovation, Technology and Life Sciences Economy, discussing ways to improve the success rate of state IT projects. Castro encouraged the state to embrace a metrics tool to determine how prepared a state agency or department are for taking on an IT project. The metrics tool, much like a consumer credit score, would evaluate the risk and determine areas that need to be addressed in…

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M Corp is an awesome place to work, where energetic people work together to make great things for great clients. We are always looking for qualified, self-motivated people to work with, and we offer competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits program.

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